“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

Teamwork is an essential skill that benefits students in the classroom, on the playground and into adulthood. In fact, studies show that working as part of a team strengthens students’ social and emotional skills, helps develop their communication skills and improves confidence.

Lessons in teamwork don’t have to be boring. The following activities teach students how to be a team player in a way that’s both fun and rewarding for them:

Knotty Affair

Enjoy watching students go under and over each other as they work together to free themselves from the knot!


  • Blindfolds


  • Ask students to stand in a circle and blindfold themselves.
  • On your call, have them slowly step forward and grab the hand across from them. Each student should hold another student’s hand.
  • Tell them to take off their blindfolds and, on your call, untangle themselves back into a complete circle - without letting go of each other’s hands!


This team-building activity demonstrates the role trust and communication play in teamwork.


  • Different items and equipment to act as “mines”
  • Blindfolds


  • Start the game by scattering the “mines” around the room.
  • Ask students to choose a partner and one member of each pair is blindfolded.
  • Both partners must cross the minefield, the blindfolded partner following his partner’s instructions, to reach their destination.
  • If they step on a “mine,” they must start all over again! The first pair to successfully cross the minefield, wins.

Three-Legged Race

Challenge students to work together, literally and figuratively, to win a race.


  • Scarves or fabric strips


  • Pair the students and have each player stand next to his partner.
  • Using scarves or fabric strips, tie the partners’ inside legs.
  • Mark a starting line and a finish line, and at your signal, have the three-legged pairs race to the finish! The first pair who crosses the line wins.