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Anger Control and Conflict Management for Kids: A Learning Guide for the Elementary Grades
Terri Akin, Susanna Palomares

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This learning guide for the elementary grades teaches your students how to reduce and control anger and to settle disputes in a pro-social manner. These student-tested activities help children to: understand the dynamics of conflict and anger, improve communication skills, examine the cause and effect of conflict, become aware of their sources of anger,appreciate different perspectives, distinguish between the language of anger escalation and effective resolution, develop tolerance, manage anger and aggression, achieve win-win outcomes. This book is chock full of enjoyable, challenging activities that include step-by-step guidelines, reproducible experience sheets, and relevant discussion questions that encourage higher order thinking and collaborative problem solving. A highlight of this book is the section presenting a unique role-playing process that makes positive behavioral rehearsal easy, fun and relevant. This is a must have book for all educators who want to develop in their students the important social-emotional skills of creative conflict resolution and anger management. Use these high-impact lessons to teach your students to become conscious of the choices they typically make in anger and conflict situations, and to learn real-life strategies to replace ineffective behaviors with those that work.