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Program Development

Boost your after school learning with our program tools designed to help your students get the most out of their after school learning.

Program development is essential in ensuring that children stay active and engaged during activities and continue to learn even after the school day ends. Get the most out of your after school program with program development guides that will help you create a program that meets the diverse needs of the children in your care. Whether it be leadership development of creating a strong after school STEM curriculum, ExtendEd Notes has a guide that will help you make your after school program the best it can be.

Program Development Articles


4 Ways to Support After-School Programs During COVID-19

Schools have most of the necessary tools, resources, and staff to reopen safely and meet students’ needs. However, many after-school programs face different circumstances, and they will need additional support as…


How to Safely Reopen Your After School Program Durig COVID-19

Reopening the doors to your program will take effort, flexibility, and collaboration with parents, school leaders, and other community partners. Here are a few helpful tips for delivering enriching learning…


Reimagine After School Spaces | How to Maximize Safety Amid COVID-19

Whether virtual or in person, after school spaces will need to be redesigned to accommodate students safely during the pandemic. Take a look at the following recommendations to help you…

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5 Resources to Improve PD Opportunities in Your Afterschool Program

The quality of afterschool programming has improved significantly in the past few years. This is partly due to valuable research, funding opportunities and the support of leaders, professionals and advocates…

Program leaders article

10 Qualities Great Afterschool Program Leaders Have in Common

What makes a great leader? According to John Maxwell, it is someone “who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” As an afterschool program leader, you are tasked…

Summer programs

5 Exciting Ways to Engage Students in Summer Learning

When it comes to planning your summer learning program, the activities you provide can be instrumental in attracting and retaining students. Many of them take the summer to sharpen their…

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