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Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership & Professional Development

Professional development for teachers in after school programs goes hand in hand with being an insightful and responsive leader. Through leadership development training, after school programs are improved from top to bottom. When a staff member is empowered and energized through training and development, children respond with renewed enthusiasm.

Our professional development resources offer valuable resources for inspiring a positive culture in your after school program. With tools such as professional development plans, and strategies and tips on communication, you can grow and learn along with your students, creating an environment of shared learning and positivity.

Leadership & Professional Development Articles

Program leaders article

10 Qualities Great Afterschool Program Leaders Have in Common

What makes a great leader? According to John Maxwell, it is someone “who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” As an afterschool program leader, you are tasked…

Effective schedule article

The 6 Building Blocks of an Effective Program Schedule

Whether you’re starting a new afterschool program or restructuring an existing one, designing a program schedule is an essential step to developing a high-quality program. This schedule will help to structure…

Teach taxes article

Tax Day: 6 Resources to Teach Students About Taxes

Tax season is in full effect! And while it’s usually a daunting time for adults, it’s a great opportunity to introduce your students to the civic duty of paying taxes. As…

Inspiring quotes article

12 Empowering Quotes to Help Ease the Stress of a Long Day

Let’s face it: stress is a regular part of our lives. And this is especially true for afterschool program leaders and professionals, who are tasked with keeping students safe and learning…

Afterschool advocacy article

4 Afterschool Organizations That Champion Inclusion for All

When the bell rings at the end of the school day, 10.2 million children file into afterschool programs to participate in fun and enriching learning experiences. Unfortunately, many children -…

Email marketing article

6 Ways Email Marketing Can Simplify Your Program Communication

As program leader, you are pulled in many directions. From planning curriculum to meeting stakeholders to overseeing program operations, there are hardly enough hours in the day to complete your…

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