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Teaching Strategies

As an after school instructor, you only have your students’ attention for a short period of time after a long day at school, so efficiency is key. With ExtendEd Notes, you have access to tools that will help you develop teaching strategies that will improve your program’s effectiveness.

Our after school teaching strategies will help you set goals, reinforce boundaries with students, and create efficient lesson plans. Armed with these tools and resources from experts in child development, you’ll be able to run an efficient, high-quality after school program.

Teaching Strategies Articles

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Tips for Teaching Self-Regulation

Children are faced with challenging situations often. Whether it’s the first day of school or a difficult math problem, experiences like these may cause distress, and children will most likely express…

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Everyday Art: How to Create Art with Easy-to-Find Objects

There are no limits in art, including the materials you use to create it. In fact, some of the most amazing art can be made with everyday objects like cardboard,…

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How to Build Healthy Self-Esteem in your Students

Author and educator Ariadne Brill once said: “A child with a healthy dose of self-esteem has the best defense against life’s challenges.” Self-esteem describes how we feel about ourselves. And developing a…

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5 Low-Cost Ways to Bring Virtual Reality into After School

Emerging technology like virtual reality (VR) is one of the hottest trends in edtech. In fact, one study found that 93% of teachers said that their students would be excited…


5 Simple Ways to Support your Shy Students

Your after school program is filled with an array of student personalities. Some students are outspoken and eager to participate. While others may be shy, and rarely raise their hand…

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7 Ways to Prepare for Seamless Art Making

Art making is a staple in every child’s education. And though art is typically an unstructured activity, there are a few ways to ensure the experience is fun for students and…

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