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After School 101
Resources & guidance for after school program directors & educators

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Learn the ins and outs of after school program development with our After School 101 portal. Our resources will help you develop a program from scratch, improve or expand on an existing program or brainstorm ways you can refresh your program content and re-energize your staff. Resources offer best practices from experienced professionals in the field and research-supported strategies for getting the most out of your after school program.

After School Resources

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    Why Critical Thinking is a Skill of the Future

    Napoleon Hill, author of the best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, once said: "You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions." That’s critical thinking in a nutshell. It’s the ability to analyze information (data, facts, observations and research findings) objectively and make a reasoned judgement. In terms of critical thinking in education,…

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    Creating a Social Contract to Foster Social Responsibility in Afterschool

    Need a way to manage your afterschool program that even your students will enjoy? Try creating a social contract.

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    Learning Beyond the Classroom- 4 Field Trip Ideas for Students

    An occasional field trip is a must-have in any learning environment. For students, it’s a nice break in routine and an adventure that helps them discover new things. For educators, it’s an opportunity to deepen learning with exciting hands-on experiences. And though taking a field trip is not a new concept, it supports a newly trending instructional method called place-based education…

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    6 Ways to Make Reading Fun For Your Students

    There’s no denying the benefits of reading. Avid readers can gain new knowledge on a range of topics; expand their vocabulary; develop stronger analytical thinking skills; and even strengthen their writing skills. And while there are plenty of opportunities during school and afterschool for students to pick up a book, they will achieve the best outcomes when they spend time reading…

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    7 PD Tools to Help You Grow as an After School Professional

    The after school field is continuously evolving. As policies and education standards change, after school programs must stay aligned in order to successfully serve today’s students.That’s where professional development (PD) comes in. There’s a wide range of PD resources and opportunities available to help program directors and staff gain new skills, improve program quality and learn the latest trends and practices in…

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    10 Time Management Tips for After School Program Leaders

    As after school program leader, you have a lot on your plate. From large projects to smaller administrative tasks, you’re responsible for providing a safe, nurturing and well-supervised program for students day after day.

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