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Social-Emotional Learning

When challenging behaviors come up, it’s often because children don’t know how to cope with their emotions or respond to stressful situations. Social-emotional learning can offer these students tools to improve their emotional and social experiences, especially in a group setting.

After school programs can easily incorporate social-emotional and leadership activities for students that will help them learn how to identify and work through their emotional responses rather than act out. At ExtendEd Notes, our tools will help you include these kinds of activities in your after school curriculum, along with team building exercises that teach valuable communication and inter-personal skills. Through some simple strategies, social-emotional development can be enhanced in any after school program.

Social-Emotional Learning Articles


Social-Emotional Effects of COVID-19 on Children and Adolescents

We may not yet fully understand the pandemic’s long-term mental health effects on children, but this is an opportunity to begin addressing their social-emotional needs and to continue promoting healthy development,…

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5 Soft Skills That Every Future Entrepreneur Needs

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker, educator and author

Today’s students aren’t interested in landing the best jobs - they’re creating them. In fact, a 2011…

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Creating a Social Contract to Foster Social Responsibility in Afterschool

Need a way to manage your afterschool program that even your students will enjoy? Try creating a social contract.

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4 Tips to Teach the Value of Giving Back

‘Tis the season of giving! And it’s also the perfect time to teach students the importance of community service and giving back. Volunteering can help students develop into compassionate, socially-conscious citizens,…

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Thanksgiving: The Perfect Holiday for Gratitude and Service

Thanksgiving is a tradition-filled day that kicks off the end-of-year holiday season of shopping, decorating, exchanging gifts and, hopefully, charitable giving. No matter how your family honors Thanksgiving, it is…

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5 Tips For Fostering Positive Behavior In Learning Spaces

When working with children, you’re sure to encounter difficult behavior from time to time. While you can’t avoid it entirely, you can use strategies to minimize it and encourage positive actions in…

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