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After School Advocacy

After school programs provide valuable resources for children, families and communities. Not only do they offer safe options for after school care, but they extend learning with programs that emphasize fundamentals in important areas such as science, math, literacy, and the creative arts.

To fund these important activities, many programs rely on grants, but they can be competitive. At ExtendEd Notes, our resources help you advocate for your after school program through grant applications or other funding sources so you can rest easy knowing your program’s funding is taken care of.

After School Advocacy Articles


4 Ways to Support After-School Programs During COVID-19

Schools have most of the necessary tools, resources, and staff to reopen safely and meet students’ needs. However, many after-school programs face different circumstances, and they will need additional support as…

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5 Resources to Improve PD Opportunities in Your Afterschool Program

The quality of afterschool programming has improved significantly in the past few years. This is partly due to valuable research, funding opportunities and the support of leaders, professionals and advocates…

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Creating a Social Contract to Foster Social Responsibility in Afterschool

Need a way to manage your afterschool program that even your students will enjoy? Try creating a social contract.

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4 Afterschool Organizations That Champion Inclusion for All

When the bell rings at the end of the school day, 10.2 million children file into afterschool programs to participate in fun and enriching learning experiences. Unfortunately, many children -…

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10 Recruitment Strategies That Will Boost Program Participation

After school programs play an important role in students’ lives and within the community as a whole. They provide a safe space for students to learn, explore and have fun once…

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The Digital Divide: 3 Tips for Increasing Access to Digital Learning in After School

In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that students need daily access to technology devices and connectivity after school to complete homework assignments.

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