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10 Resources to Teach STEM in After School

With the recent attention on the value of STEM education, it's the perfect time to share resources for teaching STEM in after school. heck out the following tools, apps and resources.

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5 Poetry Styles to Tap into Your Inner Shakespeare

“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.” Rita Dove, American poet

Earth day article

Protect Our Species: 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2019

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect Our Species,” and its mission is to raise awareness of the rapid rate of extinction and encourage people to change their habits and help…

Financial article

Key Financial Milestones for Every Child

As educators and parents alike, we are largely focused on teaching children fundamental academic and social skills to help them thrive in- and outside the classroom. At the same time,…

Teach taxes article

Tax Day: 6 Resources to Teach Students About Taxes

Tax season is in full effect! And while it’s usually a daunting time for adults, it’s a great opportunity to introduce your students to the civic duty of paying taxes. As…

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12 Empowering Quotes to Help Ease the Stress of a Long Day

Let’s face it: stress is a regular part of our lives. And this is especially true for afterschool program leaders and professionals, who are tasked with keeping students safe and learning…


How After School Can Fill in the Gap for Social-Emotional Learning

Developing social-emotional learning (SEL) skills is critical to a child’s development. It involves recognizing and managing emotions, showing empathy for others, setting and achieving goals, establishing and maintaining positive relationships and…

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