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10 Resources to Teach STEM in After School

With the recent attention on the value of STEM education, it's the perfect time to share resources for teaching STEM in after school. heck out the following tools, apps and resources.

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What You Need to Know About the NAA HEPA Standards for OST Programs

High-quality after school programs do more than provide supervised care for students after the school day ends. They’ve evolved to also support whole-child development, including teaching students healthy behaviors that will…

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Tips for Teaching Self-Regulation

Children are faced with challenging situations often. Whether it’s the first day of school or a difficult math problem, experiences like these may cause distress, and children will most likely express…

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Pairing Math with Tech: & Digital Apps to Boost Math Skills

Engaging students in math can be a challenge. According to a recent study, many students feel that math is difficult, boring or abstract. And considering that students’ attitudes towards math determine…

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How to Organize an Enrichment Club (Plus 3 Club Ideas)

Enrichment clubs are a great way to keep students learning and engaged, but many program leaders face a number of challenges when organizing a club. How do you incorporate clubs…

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3-Step Process to Building an Inclusive After School Program

Every child has an innate desire to learn, explore, and have fun - regardless of their skill or ability levels. That’s why it’s important for after school programs to create a…

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Everyday Art: How to Create Art with Easy-to-Find Objects

There are no limits in art, including the materials you use to create it. In fact, some of the most amazing art can be made with everyday objects like cardboard,…

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