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About Us

ExtendED Notes is here for all of your afterschool program needs. We are advocates, enthusiasts, and evangelists for the movement to create more meaningful, enriching afterschool experiences for children.

For more than three decades, we have been living this mission with our vast collection of resources, tips, and supplies for afterschool leaders and teachers. Now, we offer those valuable strategies for FREE on our website, where we hope you read, enjoy, and share with others who want to start an afterschool program, improve on an existing one, or just find new ideas.

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ExtendED Notes offers the best afterschool and enrichment resources available in the field. Whatever the age ranges of the children and/or youth who participate in your program, we have a selection of resources that can give any program a boost.

ExtendED Notes will equip you with the latest resources and information in a rapidly growing movement – one that expands learning throughout the day and across settings with rich, engaging activities.

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For more than 30 years, School Age NOTES was the resource for after school professionals in the United States and around the globe, supplying them with a wide range of proven and practical tools. To better capture the expansion and evolution of experiences being offered in, out of and beyond the school day, School Age NOTES changed its brand name to ExtendED Notes on January 1, 2013.

Building on the tradition of our former brand, School Age Notes, ExtendED Notes reaches across the boundaries of time and place to share tips, activities, ideas, news and products with educators and youth-development professionals. ExtendED Notes embodies a new era of learning in and out of school.


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