Patriotic Handprint Flag


  • Large white poster board
  • Red, white and blue paint (washable)
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Star stencil
  • Tiny hands
  • Newspaper


  1. Stir up students’ patriotic spirit by making “handmade” flags.
  2. Show students the official U.S. flag, and discuss its characteristics (colors, stripes, stars, etc.)
  3. Place the poster board on the floor or a large table. Put a layer of newspaper under the poster board to prevent the paint from staining or bleeding through the paper.
  4. With the pencil and ruler, draw a box in the top-left corner of the board for the 50 stars. Then, sketch parallel lines for the 13 stripes.
  5. Paint the box blue. (This can be done beforehand so that it will be dry in time for students to paint the stars.)     
  6. Using the stencil, have students paint the 50 white stars in the blue area.
  7. Use the paintbrush to paint a thin layer of red paint on the student's hand. Then, help him correctly position his hand on the flag and firmly press the hand on the poster board. Continue to use paint handprints until the red stripes are completed.
  8. Allow the paint to dry and put the handprint flag on display!