Origami for kids helps students improve their focus and attention, and it can be used to teach math, arts and social studies. Create the following origami activity to practice the art of paper folding with your students:


  • One two-sided square of origami paper (approx. 23cm x 23cm)
  • One wooden chopstick (disposable)
  • One drawing pin/tack


  • Discuss the importance of windmills and they are used to conserve energy.
  • Fold the square diagonally one way. Open it out and then fold it diagonally the other way.
  • Open it out again.
  • Using the fold marks as a guide, fold the lower left-hand corner to the center mark and do the same with the upper right hand corner.
  • Turn the paper over. Sit it on the table at a 45-degree angle. Fold the left flap to the center. Fold the right flap to the center.
  • There will now be a tab at the bottom and one at the top. Fold both tabs behind.
  • You should now have a square shape with an alternate colored square pattern. Turn it over.
  • Pull out the paper from the middle: squash fold each corner to make the windmill's wings.
  • Push the pin through the center of the windmill and attach it to the chopstick.
  • Blow gently to make the windmill spin.

Source: http://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/activities/origami-windmill