Teach your students about the many genres of music and learn their favorites! Add on some dancing and you’ll keep the children engaged and having fun for hours.


  • CDs or tapes of several different types of musical styles 
  • Portable CD or tape player 
  • Outdoor source of electricity or plenty of batteries 
  • Large outdoor area 
  • Chart paper 
  • Markers


  1. Head to the local library and borrow several different genres of music. There are many child-oriented CDs and tapes to be found. Make sure you acquire a wide variety of musical styles.
  2. At school, show the children the CDs or tapes and explain that you are interested in what type of music they like.
  3. Take the CD or tape player outdoors. Ask the children to choose what type of music they want to try out first.
  4. Put on the music and dance, dance, dance!
  5. Pay attention to how the children react to the music. Does it hold their interest or do they drift away to play? Do they dance to the music or simply listen to it? Do they attempt to sing along?
  6. Create a chart to keep track of the children’s reaction to the music. On a large  piece of paper, draw one column for each type of music you are exploring. Divide that column in half. Label one-half “Yes” and the other half “No.”
  7. Print the genre names of the music across the bottom of the chart in the columns (for example, country, blues, classical, opera, jazz, reggae, and so on).
  8. At the end of the first day, ask the children if they liked the type of music they listened to that day. Record their answers in the “yes” and “no” columns on the chart.
  9. The next day, play a different genre of music outdoors. Again, watch their reaction and chart the results.
  10. Continue until you have explored all the genres of music you originally chose from the library. This may take several days or even a couple of weeks.
  11.  After you have explored all the types of music, ask the children to tell you what type of music they liked the best and why. Record their answers on lined paper and let them draw a picture of themselves dancing to the music.

Source: https://www.gryphonhouse.com/activities/music-music-music-