Simple experiments for kids are a great way to integrate STEM learning into your after school program. Combining fun with learning, it sparks students’ interest in science and makes it easier for them to absorb key science concepts.

The science experiment below demonstrates how the digestive system works:


  • Biscuits
  • Clear, re-sealable storage bag
  • Water


  • Place a couple of biscuits (food) in a clear, re-sealable storage bag (stomach)
  • Add some water to the bag and seal the top tightly.
  • Encourage students to pretend their fingers are the muscles inside their stomach, mushing and digesting the food.
  • Wait for 1-2 hours and observe how the food is digesting.
  • This science experiment provides a great opportunity to discuss the digestion process, the path your food travels as it goes through the body and how long the process usually takes. You can also discuss the types of food to eat and the amount of water to drink each day to aid the digestive process.