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Light table access

Light Table Accessory Kit

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3 years & up. Introduce early math, science, and literacy concepts, as well as fine motor skills, in a fun and engaging way by utilizing included materials on your light table. Over 200 pieces including transparent numerals, 2 and 3-dimensional shapes, circular dots, and bead-filled shapes – all in a variety of colors! Three sorting trays and an activity guide are also included!

Set includes:

  • 60 Translucent 3-D Geometric Shapes
  • 24 Translucent 2-D Geometric Shapes
  • 60 Translucent 3-D Stackable Chips
  • 24 Translucent 3-D Cubes
  • 24 Transparent 3-D Shapes with Translucent Beads
  • Translucent Number Set 0 - 10
  • 3 Translucent Sorting Trays (Bar Graph, Venn Diagram, and Web tray)

Sold by Gryphon House, Inc. 

Shipped by Kaplan Early Learning Company

*Note: Kit components may change occasionally due to availability. We will substitute developmentally appropriate items for the purpose for which they were intended.