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Good-Bye Bully Machine Card Game
Debbie Fox, Allan L. Beane Ph.D.

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Reinforce bullying prevention and positive behaviors with a game that encourages young people to think and talk about bullying, its implications, and ways to stop it. Based on the lively book Good-Bye Bully Machine, this card game allows players to take turns breaking down the Bully Machine, piece by piece. As players draw cards, they are asked to talk about what they’d do in bullying situations, compliment peers, or respond to other bullying discussion topics. Each time a player gives a response, he or she gets to take away one piece of the Bully Machine. Watch out, though: trap cards loom. A player might draw a card that says, “You laughed when a friend was being teased. You’re helping to build the Bully Machine. Put one Machine Card back.” When the machine is totally dismantled, everyone wins.