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Social-emotional Learning

When challenging behaviors come up, it’s often because children don’t know how to cope with their emotions or respond to stressful situations. Social-emotional learning can offer these students tools to improve their emotional and social experiences, especially in a group setting.

Afterschool programs can easily incorporate social-emotional and leadership activities for students that will help them learn how to identify and work through their emotional responses rather than act out. At ExtendEd Notes, our tools will help you include these kinds of activities in your afterschool curriculum, along with team building exercises that teach valuable communication and inter-personal skills. Through some simple strategies, social-emotional development can be enhanced in any afterschool program.

Social-emotional Learning Articles

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Using Yoga to Promote Social-Emotional Development

It’s no secret that yoga offers a range of physical benefits for students including improved flexibility, strength and coordination. But did you know that it can also impact their social-emotional development?

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