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Social-emotional Learning

Challenging behaviors often arise because children do not know how to cope or regulate their emotions or respond to stressful situations. Social-emotional learning can offer these students tools to improve their emotional and social experiences.

Afterschool programs can easily incorporate social-emotional and leadership activities for students that will reduce challenging behaviors. Additionally, team building activities for kids helps them learn valuable life skills. Through some simple strategies, social-emotional development can be enhanced in any afterschool program.

Social-emotional Learning Articles

Tolerance thumb

How to Fight Hate and Encourage Tolerance in Afterschool Programs

Hate is commonplace in today’s society. From the demonstration of violence and racism in Charlottesville to the massacre of dozens in a gay nightclub in Orlando, we are inundated with reports…

Compliment cards  thumb

How to Use Compliment Cards to Spark Kindness in Students

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama

One way students can show kindness to one another is through compliment cards. When we give genuine, meaningful compliments to others we…

Stress-management thumb

Five Stress Management Strategies for Students

Children, like adults, can and do experience stress. In fact, children can begin to feel stressed as early as preschool. And, while they may face a range of stressors -…

Charity thumbnail

Teaching Charity: 7 Tips for Cultivating a Giving Spirit in Students

Children are natural born helpers, but their eagerness to help dwindles as they get older. Teaching charity is a great way to nurture their natural tendency to help and to…

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Social Wellness: Building Students’ Interpersonal Skills in the Age of Social Media

Social media has transformed the way we communicate. With the tap of a finger, we can connect with almost anyone, in real time, directly from our smartphones. But, as we’ve become…

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Six Ways to Boost Students’ Emotional Intelligence

For years, we’ve relied on IQs, or intellectual abilities, to predict future success. Yet, several studies indicate that emotional intelligence (EQ) trumps both IQ and experience in determining our ability to…

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