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Parental Engagement

Partnering with parents is a critical element when working in educational environments. Bringing parents into the program's goals and daily routines will help strengthen positive behaviors outside the classroom and prime children for greater learning and responsiveness. Connect with families to keep children on the path to growth! Learn how experts recommend engaging with families regardless of language or cultural background.

Parental Engagement Articles

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7 Digital Tools to Foster Parent Involvement

Regardless of family income or background, students with involved parents fare better than those without. They are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance,…

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8 Suggestions to Communicate Effectively with Parents

Communication with parents can sometimes be difficult. Parents are often in a rush when they pick up or drop off their students, making it difficult for teachers to set up…

How to effectively engage parents in afterschool

How To Effectively Engage Parents in After School

Research found that parental engagement is a key predictor of students’ academic success, and it has a positive impact on students’ attendance and graduation rates as well as their attitudes, behaviors…

4 mobile apps

4 Mobile Apps to Increase Parent Involvement

With technology and its increasing role in our daily lives, educators are finding ways to increase parent involvement using mobile devices.

How to use differentiated engagement

How To Use Differentiated Engagement to Connect with Families in Your Program

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