The holiday season is in full swing, and students – as well as teachers – are counting down the days until the winter break! Luckily, learning doesn’t have to take a backseat to the holiday excitement.

The following activities are designed to enrich students’ mind while also spreading holiday cheer throughout your program:

Dissolving Candy Canes | Science

Discover which liquid will dissolve the candy canes the fastest! Students can make observations and predictions, and then draw conclusions based on the liquids’ effect on the candy canes.

Winter Snowflake Homemade Slime | Science

Combining science and sensory play into one, this activity is a fun way to welcome in the winter season! For discussion purposes, learn the science behind the slime.

Q-Tip Snowflake Ornament | Art

All you’ll need for these DIY ornaments are cotton swabs, silver glitter, glue, scissors, blue paper and sparkly silver pipe cleaners!

Birch Winter Tree | Art

Break out the paint to create this beautiful winter tree painting!

Dancing Candy Canes | Science

By combining baking soda and vinegar, students will discover how carbon dioxide bubbles make the candy cane pieces move!

Hot Cocoa Mug | Art

Help students “warm up” with this hot cocoa craft! When finished, put students’ crafts on display.

Snow Storm in a Jar | Science

Recreate a snowstorm to explore weather science and to teach students the science behind snow.

Melting Ice | Science

With this science activity, students will learn why salt is used to melt ice!

Candy-Free Gingerbread Houses | Engineering

Tap into students’ inner builder to build these candy-free gingerbread houses! This is a fun way to pair engineering and holiday fun.

These activities are sure to keep students learning and engaged during the holiday season. For more activity ideas, visit our Winter Activities and Crafts board on Pinterest.