Continued after school participation is linked to a range of benefits for children and youth – improved academic performance, positive health outcomes, and more – making sustainability central to long-term program success.

Many program leaders rely on donations, private funding and federal grants to finance their program initiatives and resources. Staying up-to-date on the latest funding opportunities can help leaders sustain their programs over time and continue serving students who need them most. Use the following resources to gain access to upcoming and ongoing grants and contests to help finance your after school program:

  • Federal funding for after school | The After School Alliance outlines federal funding sources from federal and state agencies, like the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative and 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC).
  • Getting Funding | Get access to organizations that provide ongoing funding opportunities for after school/out-of-school-time programs. The After School Institute suggests being placed on the organizations’ Requests for Proposal mailing list to learn about their latest opportunities.
  • The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources | Although most of the funding opportunities listed are geared toward classroom teachers, Edutopia occasionally shares grants and contests that help fund after school programs and community organizations.
  • After School Program Grant Opportunities | invites readers to join a free watch list for after school grant opportunities.
  • Funding Opportunities | BOOST Collaborative provides a list of rolling funding opportunities with various reward sizes and giving areas.
  • The SPARK Grant-Finder | Find grant opportunities to fund your program’s physical education program. Grants can be used for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment.
  • Tools for Finding Funding | Along with tools and resources for finding funding, School’s Out Washington provides a list of private foundations funding youth-serving programs.

Securing funding is the key to long-term sustainability for many after school programs. Check these sources regularly to stay updated on the latest funding opportunities to finance your program.