April comes with a variety of fun holidays and themes that are perfect for student activities! From exploring rain to celebrating National Arbor Day, the possibilities are endless. Below are just a few activities, crafts, experiments and even recipes that you can try in the month of April:

1. Make Your Own Rainbow

April showers not only bring May flowers, but they also create beautiful rainbows! Rainbows form when sunlight refracts, separating it into the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Students can create their own rainbow using only a glass of water, white paper and sunlight. What happens? The same way that sunlight passes through raindrops is the same way it passes through the water - creating an array of vibrant colors.

2. How Old is That Tree?

To celebrate National Arbor Day, teach students how to estimate the age of a tree! Usually when a tree is cut down, you can count its “rings” to learn its age. But this simple activity allows you to estimate the tree’s age without cutting it down. Use measuring tape to measure the widest part of the trunk (the circumference). The measurement of the circumference in inches is also the approximate age of the tree in years!

3. Exercise Eggs

Break a sweat with Exercise Eggs! Write different actions on small strips of paper, such as “Stomp 5 times,” or “March in place for 25 seconds.” Place each strip in a plastic egg, and hide the eggs around the classroom or outside on the playground. As students find each egg, they must complete the action inside as a group!

4. Daisy Pretzel Bites

Spring is in full swing, and this snack is the perfect springtime treat! To make daisy pretzel bites, you will need pretzel snaps, miniature marshmallows, chocolate kisses and M&M candy. As the ideal combination of sweet and salty, these bites will have students coming back for more!

5. Rainwater: Clean or Dirty?

What happens to rain as it falls to the earth? To find out, collect rain in two different clear containers: one with no cover at all, and the other with a coffee filter covering the opening and secured with a rubber band. When the rain stops, examine both containers. What do you notice on the coffee filter? As the rain falls through the air, it collects airborne dust particles. You can use this activity to further explore the water cycle with students.

6. Jelly Bean Jewelry

April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day, and you can celebrate by making jelly bean bracelets or necklaces! Simply thread string or dental floss on a large needle, tie a knot in the end of the thread, and push the needle through the jelly beans. Tie another knot, wear and eat! If you’re doing this activity with younger students, adult supervision is highly recommended. For more ideas, check out these jelly bean experiments, crafts and activities from Lemon Lime Adventures.

7. Reading Contest

In honor of Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day on April 12, run a program-wide reading contest! Challenge students to read every day for a week or month, and to record their times in a reading log. The student who reads the most at the end of the contest wins! Check out these printable reading logs to get started.


For more ideas, check out our Seasonal & Holiday Activities board on Pinterest to find more activities that are perfect for this time of the year!