Spring is the perfect time to explore nature! This STEM activity teaches students about birds’ natural habitats and how they’re constructed. 



  1. To get started, take a look at sample bird's nests for observation. Venture outside or look online to find a few examples.
  2. Think like a bird! Take students on a walking field trip to collect small twigs, feathers, bits of paper, string, leaves, etc. for their nests. Ask students what materials are needed to build a stable, durable nest.
  3. Lay out materials on pieces of newspaper and allow students to construct their nests. Remind them that their nest doesn’t need to be perfect, but they should focus on durability.
  4. Once finished, have students place fake eggs in their nests for decoration. Alternatively, take the nests outside and place them in bushes and trees. Check occasionally to see if a bird has inhabited any of the nests.


This activity was repurposed from Summer Sizzlers & Magic Mondays: School-Age Theme Activities.