Riddles for kids are fun and challenging, but they are also great exercise for the brain. Practicing riddles stretches the mind, increases reading comprehension and strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Masking or strapping tape
Construction paper, writing paper
Paper fasteners/brads (2” recommended)
Crayons, pencils
Coin size manila envelopes 2 ½” x 3 ½”
Index cards, cut into 2” x 3” slips


Making a Hinged Book:

Cut two pieces of cardboard at least 9” by 12”.
Cover one side of each of the pieces of cardboard with construction paper.
Cut a 1” strip off the top of one of the pieces of cardboard. This will be used to make the hinge/
Lay the 1” strip and the rest of the piece of covered cardboard next to each with about a ½” gap between the two pieces.
Tape the two pieces together using wide packing or masking tape, front and back, making sure that you leave the ½” space between the two pieces. (If you do not leave a space the cover will not open.)
Punch three holes on the inner edge of the front and back cover. Make sure the holes are aligned.
Place writing paper under the front cover and punch holes in the paper again so they are aligned with the front and back cover. (Use as many pieces of paper as you want pages in your book.)
Put the front, back and writing paper together by inserting and closing a paper fastener through each hole.

Writing the Book:

Have the children read riddle and joke books and find their favorites.
On the first page of the book, have the children write their book title, their own name as author and illustrator and date of the publication.
For each question or riddle they are going to use, there should be facing pages, the left side for the question and the right side for the answer envelope.
Glue the envelope on the right side of the page with the flap facing out.
Have the children write their riddles on the left side large enough to fill the page. Work with them to assure proper spelling and punctuation.
Encourage the children to make up their own riddles.
Have them write the answer on the 2” x 3” card and slip it into the envelope.
Decorate the pages, and the cover of the book.
Exchange books and have the children try to answer each other’s riddles.

Source: Fun Literacy Activities for After-School Programs: Books & Beyond