Summer is peak travel time! Ask students where they would go if they could go anywhere in the whole world. You may hear typical responses like Hawaii, Paris, etc. This art activity aims to broaden students’ horizons by challenging them to discover new places as well as strengthen their information literacy skills.


  • Large sheets of poster board
  • Markers
  • Old magazines
  • Pictures
  • Glue


  1. Encourage students to find little-known places to travel to on the Internet or by looking at maps and globes.
  2. Once they’ve chosen a location, have them research the culture, geography, climate and other characteristics.
  3. Explore existing travel posters or ads online for examples. Discuss what they should include in the poster and what it should say (if anything).
  4. Using the information they found and the art supplies provided, have them design a travel poster persuading others to visit their destination.
  5. Once finished, hang the posters in the room for decoration.

This activity was repurposed from Summer Sizzlers & Magic Mondays: School-Age Theme Activities