What’s one way to help students break a sweat while getting their sillies out? Play wacky fitness games! These activities put a unique and fun twist on traditional games, and they will have students giggling as they get in much-needed physical activity. Put these games into rotation at your afterschool program to make sure students stay active and fit while also having loads of fun.

1. Blob Tag

No one can resist a fun game of tag! And Blob, a tag game in which the blob continues to grow in size, puts a unique twist on the classic activity. The object is to be on the run and not to be eaten by the blob.

To begin, define the boundaries of the play area. Anyone who goes outside the boundaries must join the blob. One person is chosen to be “it” and begins chasing players and trying to tag them. When a person is tagged, she is absorbed by the blob, meaning she joins hands with “it” and continues to chase and tag others. When the blob grows in size to 4 players, it can split into two blobs of two people each. Play then continues until all players have been absorbed. The last person standing is the winner and starts the next game.

2. Kick Volleyball

Another fun spin on an old game, kick volleyball challenges players to use their feet and knees instead of hands to play. To start, set up a low net by hammering two stakes into the ground about 7 feet apart. Tie a rope between the stakes. Then divide players into two teams. The teams line up on either side of the net and try to kick the ball back and forth over the net. Players count aloud each time the ball goes over. If they touch the ball with their hands or if it rolls away from the playing area, the counting must begin all over again. Try to set a record for the number of times the ball goes over the net!

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3. Wacky Olympics

Are you ready for the summer? Get ready with a fun and silly Olympics competition! Some ideas for games include:

  • Potato Sack Race
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Pie Eating Contest: use small bowls filled with whipped cream for pies...no hands!
  • Dizzy Dash: spin each contestant around five times and race for the finish line.
  • Flipper Waddle: each contestant wears swimming flippers and then races for the finish line.

Don’t stop there! Come up with your own ideas to add to this list. You can even present medals or ribbons for both winner and wackiest finish (ie. number of times falling).

4. Human Pinball

Similar to classic pinball, the objective of this game is to use a ball to strike different targets on the playing field. However, in this case, the targets are human. To begin, form a circle with everyone facing outward. Two or three students should stay in the middle of the circle, acting as moving targets. The players forming the circle must throw a ball from between their legs, trying to hit someone in the middle. Once hit, they must trade places with the striker.

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