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When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist

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3 years & up. This complete Archaeologist STEM kit offers over 40 Archaeologist materials including tools, artifacts, and uniform. Children can step into the role of scientist when they participate in a small scale dig using the shovel and rake to find items such as bones, ancient plate pieces, and fossils. The grid and grid numbers help children as they chart and record the items into the artifact journal. Continue the journey into STEM discovery with the challenge and literacy cards that offer activities, tips, and ideas to extend the scientific learning across all domains. Learning is further enhanced with two included song downloads and an archaeology book.

An Archaeologist is a special scientist that discovers and collects the artifacts from people who lived in the past. An Archaeologist studies the artifacts to learn more about ancient people. Some things that an Archaeologist might study are tools, weapons, and houses. By studying these things, an Archaeologist can learn about people who lived long ago.

An Archaeologist will ask questions about the people being studied. They will create a hypothesis (guess) based on the questions they have. They will then examine artifacts and other information available to them to try and answer the questions. Archaeologists observe, describe, compare, question, predict, and experiment to learn about civilizations from the past.


  • Artifact Discovery Tray
  • Artifact Discovery Grid
  • Archaeologist Grid Numbers
  • Ancient Plate Puzzle
  • Set of 8 Bones
  • Set of 4 Fossils
  • Artifact Journal
  • Shovel, Rake, and Trowel
  • Measuring Tape, Sifter, and Artifact Brushes
  • Field Helmet, Safety Gloves, and Field Vest
  • Activity Guide
  • Three Literacy Cards
  • Ten Challenge Cards
  • Archaeologist Digs for Clues by Kate Duke

[Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.]

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