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Pix-it starter set

Pix-It Starter Set - Transparent (180 Pieces)

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3 years & up. It's more than just a building kit.

Pix-It combines the feel of block building with the fun challenge of puzzle pattern solving. Lay the transparent Pix-It game board over one of the included task cards and use the flexible building pieces to match the colors and structure of the pattern it displays. For an added level of difficulty the board may also be placed to the side of the task card. Play the game or create your own pictures and designs.

Board and pieces are made out of flexible silicone. Game board size: 11.50" x 8.33".


  • Game Board
  • 180 Colored pieces (black, yellow, red, green, blue, and white)
  • 18 task cards
  • Storage tube

Sold by Gryphon House, Inc. 

Shipped by Kaplan Early Learning Company