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Maker Studio: Propellers
Designed by Engineers for Budding Engineers - Propellers Set

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7 years & up. Maker Studio is a new kind of construction toy-free-form and open-minded to help stimulate your little Maker's creativity. We supply all the engineering parts: gears, wheels, and frames. It's up to your creative kid to supply the imagination. The instruction manual includes detailed assembly diagrams for four different machine builds. You also get 10 open-ended engineering challenges. The purpose of these challenges are to stimulate open-minded creativity wrapped around a specific assignment. Plus, it's fun for Makers of all ages!


  • Make a Chopper, a Biplane, a Windmill, and a Plane, or use your imagination to build something of your own
  • This set features Winches and comes with essential engineering parts including an X-linkage, a Spool, Connectors, Wheels, Rods, and Hub Caps
  • The 10 Engineering Challenges encourage Exploration and Problem Solving
  • Supports skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Hidden in this set, you'll find brain building essentials for 21st Century thinking such as spatial and sequential reasoning, beginning physics, creativity, and executive function
  • For people of all ages who want to challenge their mind and sharpen their skills

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