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Little scholar tablet

Little Scholar Tablet

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Get ready for school success with this educational tablet for children featuring reading, math, spelling, science, logic, geography, creativity, and more!! Whether your little scholar is in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, he or she will love the 70+ preloaded apps, eBooks, songs, and videos. These apps combine progressive challenge with playful creativity using exciting activities, charming animations, and audio praise.                                                    

Features: Over 70 preloaded apps, videos, books, songs, and games
Exclusive, interactive, educational video series: Charlie & Company™
Original content, in a kid-safe environment, with no additional costs
A+ Report Card app for viewing dynamic graphs and reports of children's activity with each Little Scholar program
Audio praise and feedback
Rear and front facing camera
Durable construction designed for little hands and rigorous use
FREE protective bumper included
Car charger included