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LEGO® City Starter Set

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The crook is about to get away with stolen goods on a speedboat, but then the boat bursts into flames! Call the fireboat and the rescue helicopter and save the day. After saving the crook and tending to his wounds, call the cops and arrest him for stealing. This adventure-filled LEGO set includes: 2 firefighters, a pilot, a police officer and a crook, a helicopter, a police car with trailer and watercraft, a stolen speedboat and a fireboat. LEGO City Starter Set encourages fine motor skill development, early logic development and open-ended play. Helicopter measures 3" H x 6" L x 7" W. Police ATV measures 1" H x 2" L x 1" W. Police watercraft measures 1" H x 2" L x 1" W. Fireboat measures 2" H x 7" L x 3" W. Speedboat measures 3" L x 1" W x 1" H. 242 pieces. Ages 5 and up. Sold by Gryphon House, Inc. Ships from Kaplan Early Learning Company.