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Windows Kinect-Based Educational Games for School-Age Mathematics

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Encourage physical activity with Jumpido! Jumpido is a Windows Kinect-based educational game for school-age mathematics. All you need to use Jumpido in your classroom is a multimedia projector (or large TV), laptop or PC and Kinect for Windows. To play, users execute a series of body gestures. The six engaging game types in Jumpido have students jumping, stretching and squatting. The games promote physical activity in the classroom and help break through learning barriers with fun, energetic, and easy-to-play games! There’s no chance of students getting bored because every time you play, the problems are different. What's more, children of all abilities can play! Thanks to Jumpido’s adaptive content, difficulty increases when pupils answer correctly and decreases when problems are answered incorrectly. Combine the engagement of physical activity and the scaffolding of adaptive content in this amazing program! Grades K-6. Sold by Gryphon House, Inc. Ships from Kaplan Early Learning Company.