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Teaching Strategies

As an after-school instructor, you only have your students’ attention for a short period of time after a long day at school, so efficiency is key. With ExtendEd Notes, you have access to tools that will help you develop teaching strategies that will improve your program’s effectiveness.

Our after-school teaching strategies will help you set goals, reinforce boundaries with students, and create efficient lesson plans. Armed with these tools and resources from experts in child development, you’ll be able to run an efficient, high-quality after school program.

Teaching Strategies Articles

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How to Use YPAR to Engage Middle Schoolers in Your Program

Middle school is a time of radical growth and transition for children intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. This time is also marked by their increasing desire for autonomy, particularly in…

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Home Away from Home: 5 Tips to Ensure a Positive Home-School Relationship

A new classroom can be a strange and intimidating place. Afterschool programs present an additional shift since, in addition to having to move from home to school, children must then…

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DIY Art Supplies: 6 Easy Recipes for Paint and Putty

Afterschool classrooms must have a lot of art supplies in order to let students explore their creative sides, especially when working with hands-on materials like paint and clay. Unfortunately, these…

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Building an Emotionally Secure Classroom

When you design an afterschool space, what do you think about? Most likely table arrangements and colorful wall hangings spring to mind, or perhaps some ideas about play centers and…

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7 Must-Have Art Books to Foster Student Creativity

Art books are some of the best tools for fostering student creativity. Whether they’re teaching art processes, encouraging creative freedom or providing activity ideas, these books deliver the perfect mix of…

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How to Prepare for Science Projects

Teachers, parents, and other educators are sometimes reluctant to introduce and do science projects with children out of fear of something going wrong if they don’t listen. This fear should not…

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