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Teaching Strategies

With so few hours in the day, afterschool instructors need access to tools that help them develop the teaching strategies that will improve their effectiveness in their program. Afterschool teaching strategies will help you set goals and reinforce boundaries with students. Armed with tools from experts in child development, afterschool leaders will be able to manage any issues they encounter and improve the quality of their programs.

Teaching Strategies Articles

5 ways to teach students to go green

5 Ways to Teach Students to Go Green

Earth Day is a great opportunity for students to learn about caring for the environment. In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources that in all previous history,…

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Digital Citizenship: Promoting News and Media Literacy in Education

Today’s students are considered true digital natives. They can easily navigate social media while simultaneously texting a friend and streaming music. But with the vast amount of information at their fingertips,…

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Tips for Holiday Programs

Many children attend day programs when school is off for holidays or teacher work days. These days should be a bit different than standard school day programs, offering more leisurely…

Five ways to cultivate a love of reading

Five Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students

8 resources to teach financial literacy

8 Resources to Teach Financial Literacy to Kids

Many educators and financial experts believe children should learn money management early on. Most children learn how to count and spend money before they can add or subtract, and an…

Seussical activities

6 Seussical Activities to Celebrate Read Across America Day

Every year on NEA's Read Across America Day, educators, parents and communities across the country join together to share their love of reading and help cultivate a love of reading…

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