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Program Development

Find afterschool program ideas to improve your program! Program development is essential in ensuring that children stay active and engaged during activities and continue to learn when the school bell rings. Get the most out of your afterschool program with program development guides to creating a program that meets the diverse needs of children in your care.

Program Development Articles

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How to Save 21st CCLC Programs Amidst Proposed Budget Cuts

Despite the wide range of benefits they offer children and youth, nearly 10,000 afterschool and summer programs could be closing their door within the next year. The latest budget proposal,…

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Using Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Afterschool Program

Need new ways to market your afterschool program? While flyers and newspaper ads have proven effective at reaching specific audiences, digital marketing tools like social media and email can
expand your…


Making the Case for Place-Based Education

Place-based education (PBE) is not a new concept. If you’ve ever taken your students on a field trip to a museum, zoo or historical monument, then you’ve practiced PBE in some…


Success Story: Green Energy Technology in the City

Providing afterschool and summer programs focused on STEM and Information Technologies.

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Success Story: Hope Center for Kids

A stand-out program that is making a big impact in the lives of their students.

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Six Helpful Strategies On Sustaining Quality Afterschool Programs

The demand for high-quality afterschool programs continues to rise, and rightfully so.

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