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Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership & Professional Development

Professional development for teachers in after school programs goes hand in hand with being an insightful and responsive leader. Through leadership development training, after school programs are improved from top to bottom. When a staff member is empowered and energized through training and development, children respond with renewed enthusiasm.

Our professional development resources offer valuable resources for inspiring a positive culture in your after school program. With tools such as professional development plans, and strategies and tips on communication, you can grow and learn along with your students, creating an environment of shared learning and positivity.

Leadership & Professional Development Articles

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5 Ways to Prep New Program Staff for the School Year

You’ve completed the difficult task of selecting qualified program staff for the upcoming school year. But the work doesn’t end there. Now, it’s time to make sure they have the tools and…

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How to Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Students’ Self-Esteem

Elementary-school years are a defining time for children. They’re learning about themselves as well as the characteristics, abilities, interests and values that define them. At the same time, they’re being influenced by…

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7 PD Tools to Help You Grow as an Afterschool Professional

The afterschool field is continuously evolving. As policies and education standards change, afterschool programs must stay aligned in order to successfully serve today’s students.That’s where professional development (PD) comes in. There’s a…

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4 Easy Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Afterschool Staff

Former NBA player and coach Phil Jackson said it best: “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

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9 Stress Management Activities that Will Help You Relax and Focus

The role of a program leader is dynamic and multidimensional. On any given day, you must serve as a teacher, administrator, manager and nurturer for your students and staff. And…

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5 Inspiring Women Making Innovative Strides in the Afterschool Field

The afterschool field has made significant progress in the past few years. And it’s mostly due in part to the inspiring women who have taken risks and committed their work to…

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