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How To Create a Safe Space in Your After School Program

Providing a safe space is critical for after school programs striving to help children thrive.

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7 Books Every Afterschool Professional Should Read

Jim Rohn said it best: “The book you don’t read won’t help.” Summer is the perfect time to lounge on the couch or poolside, crack open a book and discover innovative ways…

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How to Save 21st CCLC Programs Amidst Proposed Budget Cuts

Despite the wide range of benefits they offer children and youth, nearly 10,000 afterschool and summer programs could be closing their door within the next year. The latest budget proposal,…

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Using Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Afterschool Program

Need new ways to market your afterschool program? While flyers and newspaper ads have proven effective at reaching specific audiences, digital marketing tools like social media and email can
expand your…

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Six Ways to Boost Students’ Emotional Intelligence

For years, we’ve relied on IQs, or intellectual abilities, to predict future success. Yet, several studies indicate that emotional intelligence (EQ) trumps both IQ and experience in determining our ability to…


Using PBL to Keep Students Learning Through the Summer

Summer offers an ideal time to introduce project-based learning into your program.


5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged Through the Last Day of School

Let's face it: summer vacation is mere weeks away and students are becoming less attentive and more restless with each passing day. But, it's still business as usual in your…

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