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How To Create a Safe Space in Your After School Program

Providing a safe space is critical for after school programs striving to help children thrive.

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5 ways to teach students to go green

5 Ways to Teach Students to Go Green

Earth Day is a great opportunity for students to learn about caring for the environment. In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources that in all previous history,…


Success Story: Green Energy Technology in the City

Providing afterschool and summer programs focused on STEM and Information Technologies.

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Digital Citizenship: Promoting News and Media Literacy in Education

Today’s students are considered true digital natives. They can easily navigate social media while simultaneously texting a friend and streaming music. But with the vast amount of information at their fingertips,…


4 EdTech Trends to Transform Your Afterschool Program

“Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before—if we will allow it." -Jenny Arledge, Dir. of College & Career Readiness,…

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7 Activities to Explore Robotics After School

The best way to introduce school-age students to robotics is by providing fun, hands-on projects that also promote STEM skills.


5 Ways to Transform Students into Active Citizens

In the current political and social climate, afterschool professionals can help kids understand current events in developmentally appropriate ways. Use the following five tips to help your students create meaningful change:

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