Thanksgiving is not only a time for good food and family gatherings. It’s also a time to show thanks, give back and have a little “Turkey Day” fun! With the holiday approaching, we’ve rounded up a few games, crafts and activities that are sure to get your students in the holiday spirit:

Where Did the Turkey Lay Its Egg: To play this variation on the Warmer/Colder game, one student leaves the room while a plastic egg is hidden. When the student reenters the room, the others direct him to the egg by saying, “Gobble, gobble,” instead of warmer and “Giblet, giblet,” instead of colder. When the student finds the egg, select a new seeker and play again!

Holiday Food Drive: Show the true spirit of Thanksgiving by organizing a food drive in your program. Ask students and families to donate canned games and nonperishable food items, and create notes of encouragement to send to the local homeless shelter. Use these tips for organizing a food drive.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies: For this Thanksgiving treat, you will need fudge-striped cookies, mini peanut butter cups, vanilla frosting and small orange candies such as Tic Tacs. Dip the top of a peanut butter cup in the frosting. Turn a cookie fudge-side up and stick the peanut butter cup in the center. Place an orange candy in the frosting for the buckle, and voilà!

Chain of Thanks: Foster gratitude this holiday season! Gather construction paper, scissors, markers and glue, and ask each student to write one thing she’s thankful for on a strip of paper. One by one, the students can share what they’ve written and add their links to the chain. Put the chain of thanks on display in your program!

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