Out-of-school time is the perfect opportunity for kids to expand their horizons and discover new skills and interests. With enrichment clubs, kids can explore specific areas – such as gardening and robotics – and get their “hands dirty” with activities that are fun yet educational.

The first step to offering an enrichment club is to gauge students’ interests. Do they like to build things? Are they interested in music? What sports or physical activities do they enjoy? Also, keep in mind that every student will not have the same interests; however, clubs can be rotated throughout the year, giving students multiple opportunities to develop new interests and discover new talents.

The second step is to choose a theme for the club(s) based on students’ interests. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Creative writing: Students can refine their writing skills by exploring various writing forms, such as poetry, fables and playwriting.
  • Cartooning: This club combines storytelling, writing and comedy to introduce students to art and design in a fun way.
  • Tennis: As they learn basic strokes and practice their footwork, students can also improve their coordination, learn sportsmanship and build discipline.
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI): Introduce students to topics such as DNA analysis and chromatography through a variety of mystery games and crime puzzles.
  • Competitive debate: Great for older students, this club promotes critical thinking, effective communication and teamwork.
  • Entrepreneurship: As students learn to start and grow a business, they will discover innovative ways to identify their passions, solve problems and set goals.
  • Yoga: Through a combination of breathing techniques and physical postures, students can build their flexibility, strength and coordination and improve their concentration and self-confidence.

Once a theme is selected, the third step is to begin setting up the club. To learn more, check out these tips on how to start an after school club.