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4 Ways to Support After-School Programs During COVID-19

Schools have most of the necessary tools, resources, and staff to reopen safely and meet students’ needs. However, many after-school programs face different circumstances, and they will need additional support as…


How to Safely Reopen Your After School Program Durig COVID-19

Reopening the doors to your program will take effort, flexibility, and collaboration with parents, school leaders, and other community partners. Here are a few helpful tips for delivering enriching learning…


Reimagine After School Spaces | How to Maximize Safety Amid COVID-19

Whether virtual or in person, after school spaces will need to be redesigned to accommodate students safely during the pandemic. Take a look at the following recommendations to help you…


Social-Emotional Effects of COVID-19 on Children and Adolescents

We may not yet fully understand the pandemic’s long-term mental health effects on children, but this is an opportunity to begin addressing their social-emotional needs and to continue promoting healthy development,…

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COVID-19 | Q&A with Preparedness Expert

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we know you have concerns, questions, and fears. Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty with the continuing spread of the COVID-19…

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5 Soft Skills That Every Future Entrepreneur Needs

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